Your Boat’s on Fire

Jan. 31

Yes. It was.

We had arrived in Key Largo and had just finished washing the brine from the boat and were beginning to think about an early dinner. The smell of something hot arose, but of course, it wouldn’t be coming from OUR boat…. Then we heard the calls from people eating at the nearby waterside restaurant: “Your boat’s on fire!” From OUR flybridge, smoke was pouring from the electric grill. Steve grabbed the fire extinguisher from the galley, and I flipped off the switch on the main electric panel. Fire leapt up as Steve opened the grill, and it was quenched in a moment. 

The cause?… two people who knew that there was a double switch system and, each, for reasons of their own,  switched one switch, not knowing that the other person had flipped the other. Despite the mess, the inconvenience of yet another repair,  we are counting our blessings. There will be no photos. 🥵

Arrived: Key West.

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